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Web Hosting

Non-Domain Web Site:
Non-Domain means that you do not have your own www address, rather you rent Web Space. Your domain name:

Hosting fee: $14.95/mo. (no setup/transfer fee)

Standard Virtual Server Web Site:
A Virtual Server Web Site is when you rent Web space, but you have your own domain name: It will appear to the rest of the world that you have your own web server set up.

Hosting fee: $24.95/mo. (no setup/transfer fee)
Hosting fee: $49.95/mo. (hosting + monthly search engine submission)

Hosting and quarterly search engine submission: $36.95/mo. (no setup/transfer fee)

Premium Virtual Server Web Site:
The Premium Virtual Server Web Site is identical to the Standard Virtual Server Web Site above however, it is also capable of handling SSL (Secure Server), E-Commerce, SQL server database.

Hosting fee: $69.95/mo. (no setup/transfer fee)

Our support, service packages, and extra features are intended to provide you with optimum service at a competitive price.
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Internet Promotions, INC.